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This is the online photographic journal of Mikael Sigemos adventures. The photos are mostly (but not always) posted chronologically.
All feedback and comments are most welcome.


Feel free to get in touch at
mikael at sigemo dot se if you are interested in prints of any of the photographs.
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So what do I use to bring my pictures to you?


Nikon D70
Nikon 18-70 DX
Nikon 70-300 G
Sigma 50-500 EX DG HSM
Nikon SB-800
Manfrotto 680B
Manfrotto 234RCH
Manfrotto 144B
Manfrotto 141 RC
Hoya Close-up Set
Macintosh MacBook Pro 15”
DaKine Sequence


Apps for editing and just keeping track of the shots:
Adobe PhotoShop CS2
Adobe Lightroom
iView Media Pro

Places I visit:

Photos by Anna

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Archived Images:

RocksTracksHelloAround the CornerAlmost a LambAs Dark as it GetsRain Over ThereWon't BudgeSome SplashCloud Over WaterBoxesDogOn the RocksWinter NightAutumn IsthmusFireworksUnder the BridgerenameSoon it will be DarkScrapAround the CornerWhere the Smurfs LiveArabic NightsI Don't Bite...ReflectionsMore GoldSwan on GoldMore lava?DisproportionatelyCylinderCleanFlat BoxesSkullsGlobeBlackbirdYellow and BlueUp Up and AwaySoon to BurstEVORoad BlockSmokin'CrossA Lot of BeamsTempleLift meThreesHookBottle CapThat ghost again...TreeStockholmCornersFenceStruck...Stairway to...Right AnglesMirroredElevator GuyWintergardenFlytPure RoadBetween D and E...The Ghost-Dogaf ChapmanFlooded in lightBridge in wintermodeWinterlandThis way...Intersection and waterMerry ChristmasCornerRunningLittle postLittle red hutHouse n' waterTime for some TVTunnelsShedTowersLightbridge over lightsGarageLots of lightBobbinOrangesFallen heroesTower of shadowA place of reverenceHot LavaShadowsFramed over and over againBlastHit me blue and yellowCurious... .... District?Shadows in colorShrubberyThe Door to...Ground n´poundShadowCasted threePath & GableBackyard enlightedA view with colorsBaySpliceFungusHubSummer is overDiscGearwheelChinksColorfull syringeMissing a twigTwinsFixedMissplacedSteelPacked for this timeLumpDry puddleColorfulVentilationLight and shadowLaggRoof on the worldFacePlantDropped earplugSnappedExhaustpipeFlamesFaçadeRainyRoadDrainpipe in actionSparkling yellowBoltedSurface on the Moon?CosyGold? No just gravelCoprinus ComatusPart of TrollveggenSpeakers cornerDinner in your handsThree CrownsReflected neonOver trubled waterHalfRuinedShinyLadderA very special moonGray pointerTractionUpkeepingFeather and reflectionWireHydraulicBlack waterPlank of steelBridge and lens flareSidewalkOld FactoryFunny skyAnother year, another MooseNothingLight & ShadowReachingOakWay OutTracks of a harbourDemolishedThe WallFramedPile of ropesIni-Mini-MoeWall snakeBlueischSlideNew & ImprovedBendedBurning topsObliqueRoe deer trackA real messShortcutNeed some paintResting after a hard days workWhite and cleanNeons and snowBlue like waterSnow, at lastSize mattersBreaking throughLadies ladies... Don't go that way..HorsemenHooked onBanisterElectro BoyRoyal Guard on postGum GuyBreakCaravanJetty in stormBluewoodRedwood?Puddle of heavenWooden DeamonOld warriorCorner bellTent of steelThe autumn is hereFleeing leavesSquaresGolden rocksSpherical reflectionBarrel of...ScrapyardMoving peopleColors that fallKeep your feet dryLonelyIs the grass greener on the other side?CobblestonesA gleam of dull weatherCabin from a fairytaleClosed for the seasonWatercolorsRow, row, row your boatRockhard heartsStreet at AlingsåsSwing @ lights in AlingsasLights in Alingsas 06 #1Ready to goPure whiteFireworks of spruceDOF?Old hoodWanting...DockedEnlightened towerCityscapeBelly-side upPipeColor of loveThreesomeWith a viewFenderWire, pipes and hard steelLoad me... a lotLord. give us some lightOnly this stump leftWho have left these footprints?SummerRead and contemplateFor survival and funUnder the bridgeAlingsås by NightOver land and waterFootbridge to eternityDividedSun is servedTime to pour thisLike a GâteauAbout to lift?LashedWalls from the pastTackle this blocksPath of SighsWrapped cleatCling onto thisSpace Station S4A good splashRope in LoopNature in Love, Tree and Stone kissingImminent yellowBlue messHot Spot?Cone OffYellow LoosestrifeBackyard monster highlightedOx-eye DaisyGrassSterna hirundo/Common tern/FisktärnaLeft in a hurry?Rocked anchorSternDowngoing trackBuoys on a stringMoor more boats hereHeading for homeRocks, rope and waterNeed more water?Red n' Reed RoofFlowers in waterReady to be tied upStare at the SunSuppressedThe dead brings new lifeSorry, did't mean to scare yaWhat a MessRosehipClear WaterLonelinessSearching for SunlightRock Won't RollBroken to PiecesLight from AboveAccumulate MoistureLot's of GreenPurple SpruceConeButterfly on the RoadLockedRocks and CavesDripGearwheelFungus on a TreeHidden Behind a HeapBy Train or Boat?Reflections Over a SunriseFormer it was HotBlueHour MoonLate Night Over the SeaToastedFloodgate RegulatorStraight from the WellTic-Tac-Toe Anyone?Clump of ReedsWitheredFloating Among the GreenRangers CabinWatermirrorLoose MooseSunbreakNot Easy Been GreenOld n' BrokenWatchmakers HouseGot something to eat?MiniCalm & IcePuppet n' DrumsFlowers in JailStonecold MailGlossy WallWinterRoadSantas House?Rusty Old TractorMountainViewGlaziersSignAlmost X-Mas.. Where is the Snow?Street in The Old Town of StockholmOver the RooftopsNightBridgeTowerTeaterLazy Ring-Tailed Lemur With AttitudeAlley at NightFree FallNightBridgeLittle BaboonSquirrelAutumn MapleFenceLynxWornBad WeatherCleansingBreak n' BathBridgeReflection AgainReflectionBarnBrokenBiting [Gul fetknopp/Sedum acre L.]Burning SkySunsetDawnWaterGateWooden GateRailRoadR-OnePlastic and CarbonWaiting for SummerNext Stop: SummerSwanCuttin' SteelOld BikeChimneyTrafficLightBreaking IceGraveyardChurch of BotkyrkaWatch for That Turn!Barking at the MoonNut n' RustPoleFireDrop360°Reach for the SkyKnightChurchX-Mas DecorationMagicHandsCoffeeBreakChristmas DecorationsLensWar: StreetLifeFresh GrapesA Different DisplayHighwayCentral StationTheater on hillSlussenLensWar: The Stockholm Concert Hall :: Attempt twoLensWar: Alpha Mission, The Stockholm Concert HallPimpWatchWinterSnowcrystalsRocks on IceJetty in SnowLensflareIce, Snow and RocksSnowy rockLampNeon in RainOld NeonDog Closeup

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