LensWar: Alpha Mission, The Stockholm Concert Hall

And yes, I know! I really need to buy a tripod...

Date Taken: 2004-11-28 21:49:00
Camera: D70
Exposure Program:
Exposure Time: 1/3 sec
Aperature: f 3.5
Focal Length: 18 mm
ISO: 400
Flash: Flash: Not Fired

Comments and critics are most welcome
Comments [1]

  • And this marks the kick-off of our internal "get better at this" thing we call "LensWar". Closed for participants around the globe :) This will be fun! I can see the need for a tripod in dark ages of winter sweden, It's lacking a bit in sharpness. I can't say I dig the colors either, they seem a bit off? Maybe shoot in RAW and adjust whitebalance from your couch, or put the WB-marker at "Tungsten" would've worked a bit better when shooting in citylight. It's too dark or too bright. I can disintguish small amount of detail on the right which annoys me just a tad, blend away or much more detail. I would say a brighter image overall would have been preferred here, but impossible to accomplish without a tripod, I know :) For the composition, to add some excitement to it maybe you could've panned more to the left and in doing so get the whole sign telling what street we're on and perhaps cut just some of the text on "Konserthuset"? Or get them both whole. But the valve would perhaps be annoying then. Possibly even looking up at a sharper angle and get the edge of the roof would've made for an excitement angle. Overall you can do a lot better Sigge! But you did it without a tripod - playing hardball here. // your friendly total wrecking ball Mr. Punk
    punk @ 2004-11-29 16:48:08